Bengal Kittens

Bengal Kittens For SaleOur next planned mating will be the middle of September, with kittens hopefully due the middle of November. The anticipated re-homing date would be the end of January/ beginning of February 2020.

Click here if you're interested in purchasing a Pet Quality kitten from us.

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Pet: What is a Pet Quality Kitten?
A very good question, and each breeder will have their own interpretation. Here at Migaloo Bengals a pet quality kitten is one which we prefer to go to a pet home rather than for show or breeding. The kitten quality can vary from each litter. Sometimes a pet might be one that is lacking in type, or the coat lacks contrast. Another time you may end up with the pick of the litter. All our pet quality kittens are desexed before they leave.

Breed: What is a Breed Quality Kitten?
This has caused numerous heated debates over the years which seem to have got worse. Breeders are given a standard to follow for the Bengal but with different feline associations having their own standards for the breed it leaves judges awarding for totally different type.
In the Bengal we have breeders who try and replicate the whole package and then we have those who have branched off who are now trying to perfect individual parts of the standard for example, a shorter thicker tail, straighter profile, stronger chin, smaller ears. You then have breeders who concentrate on pattern alone trying to perfect the rosettes. They have come a long way since the 90’s. Then you have breeders who concentrate on colour and finally those who chase certain pedigrees/lines.
So, back to the question, what is a breed quality kitten? It really depends on what YOU are looking for. If we feel a kitten could turn out to be of breed quality if mated with the right stud/queen in the future then we mark them as breed quality.

Show: What is a Show Quality Kitten?
Here at Migaloo I never sell my cats at an inflated price just for show. The reason is no one can ever guarantee that your cat will win on the day. Yes, it may be of show quality, but, if the judge isn’t awarding the cat why should you have to pay a $1000 + more. I’ve had Champions all over the world and apart from the cats I’ve owned myself and some imported to Germany, Sweden, America and Hawaii they have all been cats that I have sold as pet quality.
For anyone who gets a Migaloo bengal up to Champion status we offer a 50% refund on the purchase price.
Remember when showing, each judge interprets the breed standard differently. So if you don’t have a great day next time try a different judge.

Price: How much is a Bengal Kitten?
Pet $1800 - $2100
Breed $2200 - $3500

All prices includes:
Feline Cat Council of Queensland (FCCQ) Registration Papers
6 Weeks free insurance with Pet Plan
Health Check
DNA Results of Parents
Heart Test Result (Where applicable)
Desexing (For Pet Quality Kittens)
Information Pack
24/7 Help and Guidance
Discounted shipping rate (Where required)

Once a litter is born we contact people who have completed a Migaloo Kitten Form and are on our Priority List we will then place an announcement on our website and Facebook page.

What is the Priority List?
The Migaloo Priority List helps us limit our relationships and time to seriously interested buyers only. Once you have completed the kitten form you will be asked if you wish to join the Priority List, the price is $50 AUD (refundable on purchase price) and will provide you with information on all kittens born* before they are advertised on our website or Facebook.

Purchasing a Kitten

Bengal kittens go through numerous changes from birth to 16 weeks of age. We have found over the years the best time to take photos is around 4 to 5 weeks. Even then the kitten you finally take home can look like a totally different cat by the time they are in their 'fuzzies'.
At this age you will usually find photos posted online of the kittens. Next to each photo you will see the status of the kitten.

  • Available: this means you are free to enquire about this kitten. It will be available for you to put a deposit on (or purchase if it is ready to leave). The first person submitting a deposit, receives first choice of Available kittens.
  • Reserved for the Priority List: this means that the Priority List people (those who have previously submitted a deposit to secure a spot in line to choose their favourite kitten) have first choice of the kitten. If they change their mind before 6 weeks, it will be relabelled as "Available".
  • Pending: this means that someone is sending us a deposit. Should the deposit not arrive or the buyer changes their mind, the kitten will be relabelled "Available".
  • Under Evaluation: this means we are holding the kitten for evaluation for our program or that of a breeder.
  • Reserved: this means a deposit has been made and the kitten chosen by its owner. It is no longer available.
  • Keeper: this means the kitten is staying here at Migaloo Bengals for our breeding program but may still become available in the future should they change once grown.

To reserve a kitten we ask for a deposit of $500. The balance of the purchase price of the kitten, including shipping (if applicable) is due in full by the time the kitten is 10 weeks old, so that we can arrange the final paperwork/travel/desexing etc.
Once you have reserved a kitten if it’s easier for you we can accept payment plans as long as the full balance is paid before the kitten leaves.