Bengal Kittens Available – November 2023 update

Thank you for visiting, below are what kittens we have at the present time.

A stunning litter of Brown Spotted kittens, from Gucci Azalia x Spotzettebengal Migaloo Gustavo.

Please Note, these kittens will not be going to new homes, until the end of December/early January, so if you're looking for a kitten for Christmas, this isn't the litter for you.

There are 5 girls & 2 boys in the litter. We'll post more photos over the coming days.

We also have a litter of 2 Girls & 2 boys from Migaloo Miss Da Meena x Bansuli Calamity. We will post photos of these over the coming days.

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Kittens are $2200. The price includes desexing, vaccinations x 2, microchipping, registration with the Feline Control Council of Queensland (FCCQ) and a kitten pack with essentials in. They also come with a copy of the parent's health results showing they have been screened and are clear for known genetic disorders which Bengals can be affected by (PRA-b, PK Deficiency and HCM). We also provide 30 days free pet insurance.

If you are interested in obtaining a kitten from us, please complete our Enquiry Form or send an email to